Monday, December 22, 2008

Guardian Work - 20 December 2008

A piece for the front cover of last Saturday's Guardian Work section.

Various industry and government bigwigs were asked their wishes and hopes for 2009.
So here it is, a pantomime fairy godmother granting the wishes of a few well-known panto characters ( Cinderella, Jack, Widow Twanky & Aladdin).

At the 11th hour the space got re-sized and I had to re-jig the whole image, including loosing a trap-door on the stage beneath the jolly boxom Fairy ( to indicate the uncertainty of what's to come). A shame I thought, but that's the nature of editorial work.

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The label to accompany the quince cheese ( aka quince paste, membrillo and the fantastic Olde Englishe name for it Chardequynce/ Chardquince - literally flesh of quince !) that N and I made as Xtmas presents the other week.

Also tried making Chardewarden or medieval spiced pear paste, but it wouldn't set so couldn't be cut into squares as yuletide gifts. It sits, instead, in a large jar in our fridge and goes very well with blue, salty and goat cheeses. Mmmmmm

December Dissipation

O ye gads
I've been over-doin' it again!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Restaurant magazine - January 2009

An image I've just this minute put to bed for Restaurant magazine.
Here the author argues that in these hard times restaurants, even high end ones, need to learn, albeit reluctantly, a few lessons on marketing and promotion from high street giants McDonalds, who appear to be weathering, indeed positively flourishing during, the current financial storm.

the author says running a restaurant at the moment is 'harder than a woodpecker's lips' - hence the name of the bistrot!

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Morning Advertiser - David & Goliath

A piece for pub trade mag, the Morning Advertiser. About how many pub licensees feel their relationship with the big Pubcos is akin to that of David and Goliath, but in which David has left his sling at home.

Organic Gardening - Squirrel Shield

A piece for the Feb/Mar 09 issue of delightful US publication, Organic Gardening. This is the second job I've done for them ( but hopefully far from being the last!)

This one was on how to create a way of keeping pesky varmints like squirrels off of your birdfeeder.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

London Glassworks - Open Weekend

My pal Vicki Rothschild has a glass blowing studio about 5 minutes from where I live. We were at college together, at NCAD, in Dublin, where she hails from.

This weekend the studios are open to the public, with demos, heaps to see and buy and the usual but very welcome mulled wine and minced pies.

Pop along if you can - its well worth a look

Jeune Mec Français

A young snub-nosed Gaul I spied the other day in a cafe on Brick Lane, E2.
And someone else availing of the wi fi.

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Paul Bommer @ the East London Design Show (ELDS)

Check out the ELDS this weekend

You can view, and indeed buy, limited edition prints (giclée and screen prints) of my work this weekend at the East London Design Show (ELDS) at Shoreditch Town Hall on Old Street. The prints are being sold (at very reasonable prices) through Gina Cross's A Little Bit of Art stall on the first floor in the Main Hall, along with the works of 14 other illustrators and printmakers. Also of course, a great opportunity to snap up other exciting and unique Xtmas gift ideas!

Opening times are as follows;-

Public day with late shopping Friday 5th December 12pm - 8pm
Public day Saturday 6th December 10am - 6pm
Public Day Sunday 7th December 10am - 6pm

For more details check out the following links;-