Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guardian Education -1st April 08

A piece for the Education section of next Tuesday's Guardian.

An article by Teacher of the Year Phil Beadle, this time concerning the over-reliance in Education on ICT.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Website!

At last!

After many years I have, at last (& with the help of my beloved N), updated my personal website. Its kinda simple and a bit cranky even perhaps, but then again, that's me all over!

Check it out! Click here!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Heavy" No.4

The Heaviest of Truths

Mothers teach your children!

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Illustration Friday - "Heavy" No.3

Tow dat barge, lift dat bale!

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Illustration Friday - "Heavy" No.2

A Study in Phrenology
You Should Hear What Your Skull Says About You)

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Illustration Friday - "Heavy"

Feeling very heavy-hearted these last few days.
Cold wintry weather has tightened its grip,
that and no work don't help a creative mind or artistic soul.

my response typically is to be hard on myself. Stupid, n'est-ce pas?!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Paddy's Day!

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, etc etc

Wishing everyone a very merry ( maybe too merry) St Patrick's Day!

It's a bad bad joke
but what the feck!

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Pól x
(not as green as he's cabbage-looking)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Illustration Friday "Garden" No.2

Inspired by William Blake's brilliant poem
The Garden of Love

I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen;
A Chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut
And "Thou shalt not," writ over the door;
So I turned to the Garden of Love
That so many sweet flowers bore.

And I saw it was filled with graves,
And tombstones where flowers should be;
And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds,
And binding with briars my joys and desires.

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Illustration Friday "Garden"

Something you'd find in any garden of note.
From Eden to Sissinghurst via Babylon.

Actually, this was inpired (if that's the word?!) by problems I'm experiencing at the moment with my Mac and Safari in particular, which for some reason now refuses to open / launch {Any help very gratefully received}. The Helpline hasn't been much help.

So you see, its one part horticultural observation to 3 parts AppleMac-focused vitriol! (Better out than in, I say!)

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Leap" No2

Another consummate leaper
and another Jack to boot!

This is Spring-Heeled Jack, a demonic phantom that first appeared in London in the 1830s and was last alledgedly sighted in the 1990s!

Described as a cloathed figure dressed in tight black oilskins, with pointed ears, red flaming eyes and having the ability to breathe blue fire. He is also able to leap 20 or 30 metres in a single bound!

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Notebook 122

This morning I started a new A4 notebook
My Twelfthty-second! (That's about 1 a month/ every 2 months)
I love playing around with text and typography
Words mean so much to me, their sound, their meanings, their shape and feel.

Someone on here recently suggested I create a font
but that misses the point, and the joy, of hand-rendered lettering -
the accidents and infinite variety, the little mistakes and unexpected forms.

Done in black Indian ink (Encre de Chine) and dip pen

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Ps: the Pint Pot is a sort of personal motif - a mate of mine used to call it me, on account on my diminutive stature

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Leap" No1

Jack, that consummate leaper of yore and proverb
(So many Jacks in the English popular imagination!)

Ink and dip pen sketch
coloured up in PS.

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