Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easter at Fortnum & Mason

An Easter Chicken & Egg visual tag that I designed for Fortnum & Mason. They are on the shelves as of this week! Another joyful collaboration from start to finish!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Tiles & Tribulations #3

Tiles & Tribulations #3 (Camel)

Another of the Delftware trial tiles I painted, and had fired, at Alby Crafts immediately before Christmas. Again, you can see evidence of the mysterious pooling of the tin glaze around the cobalted corners. That issue aside, the lines could be a little more finessed, and ideally I'd like a greater contrast in tone between the outlines and the wash fill on the design. And of course, this is a very traditional design - I have yet to make it mine, make it a Bommer! But these are small things - otherwise I'm pretty happy with the result.

Images are the tile before firing, and the transformation that high heat in the kiln can produce. The fired tile has been 'aged' with a few random knocks and a good rubbing with ash and charcoal to reveal the craquelure.