Sunday, September 27, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Just under a week to go on the Ella Doran "There's No Place Like Home" secret auction! Hurry down there and place a bid, All designs are one-offs and all proceeds go to Shelter.

Newsletter - The Design Festival
'There's No Place Like Home' exhibition and secret auction

The exhibition is now on in our Cheshire Street shop and is looking fantastic! You now have an opportunity to place your bid on a collection of artist designed placemats. Click here for a PDF of all the contributions - once you have decided on your favourite simply email and include the word 'BID' in the title. In the email give the name of the artist and collection you would like to bid on and the amount you would like to bid. Please note there is a minimum bid on each set of 6 placemats of £30 and remember all the profits go to the Shelter charity.

The closing date for bids is the 3rd October.

International contributors: Paul Bommer, James Brown, Amy Cushing, Anthony Dickens, Ella Doran, Chris Eckersley, Sharon Elphick, Michelle Grabner, Katy Hackney, Jason Hart, Dan Holliday, Melodie Holliday, Inkie, Kim Jenkins, Michael Marriott, Peter McDonald, Sue Parker, Martin Parr, Rob Ryan, Zakee Shariff, Andrew Stafford, Dandy Star and Sparks Studio.

The highest bidders will be notified by email on Monday 5th October.

Restaurant Magazine - Nov '09

A piece I've just done for the November issue of Restaurant's City section.

Here the author looks at predictions for the economy and whether or not the recession is over or just on a ledge. Whichever way you look at it it seems there's no real way to know.

Click on the Image to Enlarge

Final artwork and the original rough.
Dip pen and ink, coloured up in PS