Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pub Sign Sketches

Pub Sign Sketches

A page, one of two, of sketches relating to pub names and signs. For a booklet available to purchase.

For the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House where I, as guest of collective Hero of Switzerland, will be celebrating all things boozer.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sack & Sugar

Sack & Sugar

printed by Tilley's Letterpress, Ledbury
A Selling Exhibition of Art-Work by Mr Paul Bommer including his celebrated Delft Tiles and Works as yet un-seen by the World.

Yallops Gallery
59 St. Augustine's St,

Sat. 13th and Sun. 14th April
11 am 'til 5 pm
Private View
Friday 12th April
6 'til 9 pm


A Gift for a Friend

A Gift for a Friend

a personalised cup
My friend and neighbour Mr William Brown had a birthday recently and I customised this cup and vintage french plate for him by way of a present. As well as a gift it was also a good opportunity for me to experiment with firing transfers onto other ceramic surfaces.

Will, who is one half of Old Town clothing, is a keen railway enthusiast and so I have decorated his crocks with a personalised steam-train.

For now I have taken a stylised acorn with my initials within as a maker's mark.

I am very pleased with the results and intend to pursue this line further. Watch this space.

the underside

Will Brown on the foot-plate

an antique french plate, personalised

my 'mark'