Friday, July 27, 2007

Images 31

My copy of the AOI's competitive annual Images 31 dropped through my letterbox yesterday ( well, actually I had to open the door, its quite a size!).
I have a double-page spread about midway through the tome - these's are what's on those pages

La Campana ( The Bell)

Train Robber

Freudian Slips

Loose Lips


Frances Castle said...

Hi Paul
There is some really lovely work on here. I will be checking back regularly.

Chichi Parish said...

Monsieur Bommer,

Freudian slips.

ta ta

jamie said...

I ALWAYS made the joke about freudian slips, but funnily enough always considered a sort of petticoat, and not 'le slip' (not to be confused with lemsip) as you so correctly portrayed here