Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning Advertiser - Music in Pubs

A piece for this week's MA, a pub trade mag I work for regularly.

This was about the government's (ridiculous) consideration of limiting the type of music played in pubs in a misguided attempt to control binge-drinking and violence. The report stated that Robbie William's anodyne hit Angels was found to calm the soul of even the wildest drunken brute, Orpheus-style. The auther said he knew pubs where that particular song would have the punters up in arms instead.

Unfortunately the time frame was suddenly brought forward so I had to use my original rough for the final image. No bad thing in itself, but it was out of keeping with other jobs I've done for them.
So here is a revised version I've just finished for my portfolio and below, the original piece submitted on friday. What do you think?Click on the Image to ENLARGE
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ElizT said...

I like the revised one, and it seems to be working.

Connie said...

This will have me chortling all day long, thinking up 'appropriate' songs to play in pubs (I live in Scotland's central belt and am married to a Glaswegian). How about: A Mighty Fortress is our God?

Vhrsti said...

Great again, Paul!!!

ElizT said...

'Drink to me o-o-o-only, with thine eyes...'