Monday, January 26, 2009

Burn's Night 2009

Went to a fantastic Burn's Night celebration on Sunday night at my friend Angela Hartnett's Spitalfields home. It was a great evening - cockaleekie soup, haggis w/ tatties and neeps and cranachan for pudding, to say nothing of Scottish dancing, poetry and a lot of single malt whisky! A lot of celebrations too - several birthdays ( including, of course, Rabbie's 250th!) and a Michelin star for Angela's restaurant Murano.

Angela asked me to do place names for all the guests - here are the lads;-

And here are the lassies;-
As ever, click on the Images to see the details!

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Chichi Parish said...

Ah, Bommer,

So you ended up with the deep fried mars bar.
Did you wear a kilt?