Monday, March 23, 2009

Klodznán Zoo - Pashka the Artist

A character from the fictional Klodznán Zoo series that I forgot to stick up on my blog. (you can view the others here)

Pashka has high ideals, so has to live at all times with crushing disappointment. He paints through the night in a frenzy fuelled by Slivavich, the Schlavkan sloe brandy.


Vhrsti said...

Hi Paul, my friend!
I haven't been here for ages and I don't know why. I always like your works. Especially "Ren Pesci Birthday Invite" is funny. How are you doing?
With best regards

ElizT said...

What a feast of pictures!!
"crazy, scrappy doodling..."]Go for it!
I love them all.


Hi Paul, your work's great. I love this and the rest of the characters from your eastern European zoo.

Pascal said...

Is that me? ;)