Thursday, October 15, 2009

Illustration Friday - "Flying" #3

Another image created for IF*

This time P L Travers formidable nanny Mary Poppins, flying through the sky on the East Wind.

I read the books as a kid and loved them - much better and madder and somehow darker than the Disney adaptation. Check them out. And check out the lady who wrote them - an amazing lady who lead an incredible life.

The image was created using an edding 1800 profipen 0.3 and brush and ink, coloured up and composited in PS.

Click on her dress to see her in all her glory!


Rico said...


Naomi said...

Love you work. This is ab fab..nice palette.

Abigail said...

love this!


Love the style on this cartoon. Great way you handled the color too

Gai said...

great sketch, and great idea.

Gavin Goo said...

Beautiful. Got character. :)

des fraises et de la tendresse said...

i still love your work

warmest wishes from france & a kiss

laurent (o h l e b e a u j o u r)
now desfraisesetdelatendresse (strawberriesandtenderness)

Kay Aker said...

A great portrait of a great character!