Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Red - Exquisite Corpse

A piece being printed up today at the Print Club. Its for the GO RED! Campaign, for Richard House, London’s first Children’s hospice.

The idea is like the parlour game Exquisite Corpses, where different people creat different parts of a body unaware of what the previous artist has created. At the end the bizarre figure is revealed, made up of the various pieces. The final bodies in this case, made up of 3 parts by 3 seprate artists, will be sold in a charity auction. I was assigned the body and arms.

These designs are based on French prison tattoos from the turn of the last century.

Click on the Image to see all the detail.


Duncan said...

Fantastic, the eye round the naval is a funny touch.

Rico said...

These are great -- love the pig :-)

Ellis Nadler said...

perfect as is

ElizT said...

Yes, perfect. A very decorative stabbing and all.