Sunday, March 7, 2010

Go Red - Exquisite Corpse #3

My final contribution to the Go Red project in aid of the charity Richard House.

Here. the hips, legs and feet of one infamous Doctor Foster. And Yes!, I do know how to spell Gloucester, and even pronounce it, but this is how's its written in some versions of the rhyme, and other old records besides. Perversely I like good grammar but adore bad ( or antiquated) spelling!

I really enjoyed doing this. And creating the plaid/ tartan pattern. I love bringing the past to life, in all its little details. Makes me think of half-forgotten kids' book projects with a renewed vigour and determination!

Click on the Image to see all the lovely detail!

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jamie said...

I received a letter recently from a very famous American lyricist- addressed to me at GLOUCHESTER - and I still cannot work out whether he was being incredibly witty or American/Senile