Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Illustration Friday - "Dip"

Another episode from Klodznán life.

Bartok the young gardener must hide in the reeds during his morning skinny dip as the Sisters of St. Veronika Malgoszka's covent pass by on their way to St. Vasyllis' cathedral. He is quite a shy fellow and remains behind the mooring post until long after the last nun, Sister Tekla, is out of sight along the footpath that runs along this quiet part of the Vrstula.


Tam Hess said...

Charming! :)

Rico said...

He looks frozen... blue with cold :-)

Guillaume Pelletier said...

Hey Paul, those Klodznan pictures are great! Inspiring and funny stuff. I'd love to read a whole book about ol' Klodznan. You've been doing lots of wonderful works lately. Have a good day, sir.