Monday, June 20, 2011

Museum Journal - Part 14

Museum Journal - Part 14

Part 14 of the Director of the National Museum of Britsh History's Diary, for regular client Museum Journal (MJ).

This month our man is ordered to come up with an idea for an exhibition themed around a British invention (and something we excelled at ) to rival Germany's Enlightenment exhibition. His idea? Colonialism!!

I have shown the Museum Director posing as Britannia (the personification of Britain since Roman times) with a map of the world above him, countries of the British Empire marked out in pink.

As always with MJ the final print size is minute (3 or 4 cm across tops) so its crucial to keep the design very simple and the detail to a minimum.


Lisa Graves said...

this is fabulous.

ElizT said...

Where is New Zealand!