Monday, August 22, 2011

Museum Journal - Part 15

Museum Journal - Part 15

Part 15 of the Director of the National Museum of Britsh History's Diary, for regular client Museum Journal (MJ).

This month our man is called to an emergency meeting at the National Gallery of all London national museum directors after last week's outbreak of rioting and looting.

The bit I liked best was when Sir N (our man's boss in government) proposed to issue a Statement condemning people who steal, are obsessed with materialist consumer goods, don't care about anyone else, don't pay taxes, and destroy the society in which they live, until it was pointed out that he had just described his collecting policy and the profile of his biggest donor! Haha. I can think of a couple of supermarket chains who fit that description!

My image is, of course, a nod to grafittista Banksy. 'Cos I is so Street, issit.

As always with MJ the final print size is minute (3 or 4 cm across tops) so its crucial to keep the design very simple and the detail to a minimum.

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