Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Delftware' Tile - The Wit To Woo

'Delftware' Tile - The Wit To Woo

One of the 13 faux Delft tiles (actually acrylic on panel) I created last week especially for my Wunderkabinett solo exhibition at the week-end. The Show was in a Georgian period townhouse, which not untypically have blue & white Delftware tiles surrounding the hearths.

The Owl is a symbol of the Norfolk town of Holt, where our friends, Will & Marie, have a wonderful shop, Old Town. Apparently the town was plagued by a particularly noisy one back in the mists of time and tried to drown it by sticking said bird up the church drain pipe. Fortunately the wise owl outwitted the townsfolk and escaped to hoot another day...



Sarah said...

Just came across your blog, and wow, your work is excellent! This owl tile is one of my favorites :)

Paul Bommer said...

Thank you so much Sarah, that's so kind and I really appreciate it!

Scott Garrett said...

Love these Paul!

Definitely make more.. and little sets... maybe I could trade for pots once i get fully up and running?

Hope the show/sale went well.

Maja said...

All your tiles are fantastic! Love them. Happy to see everything has sold out. Congrats.