Monday, October 29, 2012

Artists of Spitalfields Life: A taster

Artists of Spitalfields Life: A taster

the Fat Boy

Next wednesday 7th November sees the launch of the Artists of Spitalfields Life exhibition at Ben Pentreath's, 17 Rugby Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3QT. The exhibtion will run until Saturday 24th November.

I will be selling, along side the likes of Joanna Moore, Adam Dant, Laura Knight, Sebastian Harding, Anthony Eyton, Alice Pattulo, Robson Cezar, Marianna Kennedy, Lucinda Rogers, Rob Ryan and Lillie O’Brien, a series of limited edition ceramic tiles, based loosely upon the Great Fire of London 1666. I've created 48 designs, in a strictly limited edition of two tiles per design, on food, fire, plague, gluttony and Restoration London.

Attached is a brief taster of 3 designs; the Fat Boy monument, at Pie Corner, on Cock Lane, where the Great Fire is reputed to have stopped.

Pie Corner I

Cock Lane II

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Lynn said...

Drats! I'll be in London on the 26th. Would have loved to have attended this this.

Wishing you much success and fun with the exhibition!