Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Fire of London delft tiles (cont.)

Great Fire of London delft tiles (cont.)

Here is my introduction on last week's Spitalfields Life for the Artists of Spitalfields Life selling exhibition that starts tomorrow:

Come and see Paul Bommer’s series of forty-eight delft tiles inspired The Great Fire of London 1666 at The Artists of Spitalfields Life opening at Ben Pentreath Ltd on Wednesday 7th November

Like Pieter Breughel, George Cruickshank and Ronald Searle, Paul Bommer’s work is firmly rooted in the European grotesque and populated with distinctive specimens of humanity – conjured into being through his unique quality of line, waggish, calligraphic and lyrical by turns. Fascinated by culture and lore, Paul celebrates the strange stories that interweave to create social identity and the fabric of history, turning his attention to The Great Fire Of London in this latest series of limited edition Delft tiles.

Honey Lane, traditional bee skep.

Ypocras (or Hippocras), a spiced and sweetened wine, named after Hippocrates, very popular in England from Medieval times and mentioned frequently in Pepys' diaries.

Coney Hope Lane. where stood the Grocer's Hall. Coney being a term for rabbit, from Latin Cuniculus.

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