Thursday, December 6, 2012

Great Fire of London delft tiles (cont.)

Great Fire of London delft tiles (cont.)

Here are 11 more of the 48 limited edition delft tiles I produced for the Artists of Spitalfields Life exhibtion at Ben Pentreath Ltd, Rugby-street, London. Those unsold have now relocated to the Town House gallery on Fournier-street, Spitalfields until the end of December. Hurry and catch a bargain!

The tiles are inspired by the Great Fire of London 1666 - food, fire, pestulence, carnality and the Merrie Monarch!


 Beer Lane

Billingsgate Fish Market

Boar's Head Court

Bread Street

Cock Lane I

Coffee House. The first coffee houses in London appeared at this time.

Corn Hill

Grocer's Hall Court. The word grocer means 'one who weighs'.

John Tradescant, botanist

Milk Street I

Milk Street II

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