Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Golden Eagle (screen print for Sale)

The Golden Eagle

My latest limited edition screen print, the Golden Eagle, is part of a series of prints, entitled Coloured Inns - an examination of popular Pub Names, each described by a colour (Red Lion, Green Dragon, White Hart, Blue Boar, Dun Cow, etc, etc). 

The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is Britain's largest (and one of its rarest) birds. The Eagle is traditionally considered the King of the Birds and has long been a symbol of Power and Sovereignty. It is the symbol of the Greek god Zeus, the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and St John the Evangelist.

This print measures 42 cm across by 30 cm high ( A3 - a standard frame-size) and is a strictly limited edition of 30, signed by the Artist. Printed on 300 gsm paper this 2-colour print can be yours (or a loved one's!) for £75 + P&P and will be available very shortly for purchase at my Etsy shop and from other reputable outlets. Printed at the Print Block, Whitstable.

This print is delivered flat in a reinforced card-backed envelope.

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smartcat said...

I've always enjoyed the names of U.K. pubs. I'm looking forward to seeing more.