Monday, September 24, 2007

Illustration Friday - "Juggle" No.2

The great Magician
Raimundo Nazca-Anjani

as seen by the Djinn
from his seat atop
the Black Glass Mountain


Craig Lamberton said...

i like the use of colour in this.. nice linework too.

David Jennings said...

Very Nice !! Makes me want to get the inks out. Do you get a lot of commissions through doing illustration friday ? I haven't submitted anything to them yet but lots of illustrators i know like to do it.


Aspa said...

Nice line drawing and use of color.

Weef said...

This I like very much, have you ever seen the work of Andre Francois?

platinum blonde said...

cool! love the yellow!

Chichi Parish said...

this is good, Mr Bommer

lil kim said...

love it!