Thursday, September 27, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - "Square"

After (or is it Before!?) Illustration Friday
and the darker Illustration Friday Night
comes Inspire Me Thursday,
(another springboard for illustrative ideas).
I stumbled across it the other day, via IF*

This/last weeks word was "Square"

Click on Image to Enlarge


~Gina said...

Very cute and I feel just like him sometimes! :)


Forever Young said...

expressive illo, aren't we all a bit 'square'?

JC said...

Funny little square you have there. Your work is fun to look at. :D

navylane said...

wonderfully illustrated! and, oh, how i can relate!

François Boussuge said...

Could be an artist statement.

Paul Bommer said...

yes, I guess we're all kinda odd in some way
and I kinda mean that in a good way, mostly