Friday, November 30, 2007

Illustration Friday - "Zoo" No.5

Madame Yna Vlatska runs the Kafe Darwina.

She likes to pretend her mother was French, but in truth she came from Havakistan.
She's knows everything that goes on in the Zoo,
and for many miles around it.
One thing she doesn't know though is that Magda Pypevska is the daughter she had to give up for adoption when she herself was a teenager.

Devilled eggs is a speciality of Klodznán.

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HELP! Can someone tell me why clicking on this Image downloads it into a window in Preview, rather than just another page on my blog?!!


Cin said...

I love your drawings!

(and I'd like to know too why images now open in Preview, the same thing is happening to me, something new blogger has done? I don't like it at all!)

Cin said...

I see that blogger knows there is a problem, look in their sidebar and click on "known issues", they're working on the problem but offer a temporary fix