Thursday, November 29, 2007

Illustration Friday - "Zoo"

Ok, here it is, a genuine IF* entry!

The stressed-out Zoo-Keeper of a fictional Eastern European zoo.

This was a scratchy biro sketch I did in a Soho coffee-house yesterday afternoon.
This morning I tried to reproduce it using a dip pen and ink
Only to find, yet again, that the original had more life,
so, here it is, as was, coloured up in PS.

I'd love to get people's opinions on this
as, careerwise, I'm at a bit of a crossroads
and am finding myself increasingly drawn to
crazy scrappy scratchy doodlings
but workwise, I'm more known for a polished
style that doesn't give me much joy these days

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stilos said...

Hi Paul, this is a great character!
I can feel his stress!

Miss J said...

Hi Paul

I really like your line work in these. i'm not sure what ind of crossroads you are at, but I'd say go for it, these images are great. The loose style looks really fresh.

miss J

KarMa said...

hihiihh incredible also this one

François Boussuge said...

Are you sure to be at a crossroad? Seems to be, for me, the same road but with a different weather outside.