Friday, May 8, 2009

Beltane Fires

Welcome to May.

I've been away in Burgundy for a wedding, so here's a belated Beltane image.

Poor May Day is the sorry sister of Halloween ( together the twin portals in and out of the celtic half-years), robbed of her pagan savagry and shoe-horned into a lacklustre civic concession on the first Monday of the month. The night before was once known as Walpurgisnacht ( St. Walpurgis' Night), a transition from Winter into Summer, when spectures and daemons could slip through from the Other World into ours. In the village we stayed in, kids (or goblins) in the night removed anything not tied down and arranged them artfully in the town square, including the municipal toilet door, flower pots and window-shutters!

The 'fire' in the image is a messed-about photo of the plaster revealed on our walls when we started peeling off the nasty wallpaper we inherited.

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