Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Artday - Wild Thing, #2

Another woodwose ( medieval Wildman of the Woods).

I prefer this one to the previous attempt, he's odder and more interesting somehow.

Drew the image using a very old and scratchy fibre-tipped pen and I love the quality that that lends the linework. I also prefer the limited palette methinks.

Reminds me that I would so love to design and create a deck of Tarot cards. I'm not a big believer in these things ( in fact, I'm not even a small believer in these things!) - however, I adore the designs and symbolism, particularly of the older woodcut packs.


SarahA said...

Kinda scary looking chap, but I kinda like him.

Duncan said...

Looks more menacing on the second one, I think he's groovey!

François Boussuge said...

Bien équipé le monsieur!
En effet, le deuxième est plus "présent".

Paul Bommer said...

hehe, its his club!

Prozac said...

I'd buy a tarot pack designed by toi.