Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mini-station: El Carnaval de los Pingüinos

El Carnaval de los Pingüinos

This is my contribution to an exhibition that opens to-day in Barcelona.

Illustrator Ed Carosia, under the guise of Mini-Station, asked me and 59 other international illustrators to each create and donate an image of a penguin to join the works of over 300 French, Spanish and Belgian children.

The exhibition runs from to-day, saturday 12 February until sunday 6 March. If you're in BCN during this time, check it out. Its at the Libreria Abracadabra, C/General Álvarez de Castro 5.

I've also here attached the poster. If you click on it you will see my name at number 27!

I've shown a couple of penguins adrift in the icy ocean in a wee rowing-boat called Pemmican - the older Sea-Captain lost in sad thoughts and pipe smoke (perhaps thinking of the destruction of his homeland by Man and Climate Change) while a young matelot stoically heaves and hos at the oars in their rowlocks.

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belinha said...

Hi Paul! Loved your illustration! You're talented! I was surfing the net for blogs and found your "pinguins". Greetings from Portugal!