Friday, February 11, 2011

Notebook Sketches - Street Cries

Notebook sketches

Another page from one of last year's notebooks.

These are sketches mostly based on Georgian broadsheets, pamphlets, abecedaria and street cries. It is a period I'm pretty obsessed by, if I'm honest.

Darby and Joan are a generic old couple, while Mother Bunch I think is a pantomime character - probably a brothel or inn-keeper (or if on Bankside, both!).

I particularly like 'Rabbets-O', walking past the Tyburn tree (aka the Three Legged Mare). 'O Clo' was short for 'Old Clothes'.

Ideas for forthcoming screen prints

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Scott Garrett said...

I do love your historical costumes... attention to detail in what feels like a quick doodle. That takes some doing.