Thursday, April 28, 2011

Restaurant Magazine - May 2011

Restaurant Magazine - May 2011

A piece for the May 2011 issue of regular client Restaurant magazine.

It's about a business man called Malcolm Walker, who is buying a company called the Individual Restaurant Company (IRC), for a really low price. He is apparently halfway up Mount Everest at the moment raising money for charity.

Likenesses are not my forte, but I think I've captured him well enough here (he looks, in real life, like a mix of Martin Freeman and Raymond Blanc).

The composition was the Art Director's idea, but works very well I think. I have kept the palette bright but simple/ limited.


Kiwi Don said...

Love your line treatment Paul. Reminiscent of lino cut or hand cut stencil. The result of careful drawing no doubt? Is the colour line treatment photoshopped afterwards?

By the way...was that you in the Brooks 2010 Tweed run video? The antipodes shouldn't be so far away!

Kiwi Don.

Paul Bommer said...

Thanks Don.

Yes, careful drawing is right. I've overlaid textures afterwards for added interest.

Re: Tweed Run - I was on the ride but haven't seen the video. Could well be me, but then again there were a lot of us about, all looking pretty similar (and by similar, I mean marvellous!).