Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twitter Ye Not - Titanic #2

Twitter Ye Not - Titanic #2

A piece about how figures in history might have twittered or tweeted or whatever, had they the chance, inclination and technology.

On 10 April 1912, the RMS Titanic set off from Southampton on her doomed maiden voyage to New York City. Four days into the crossing, at 23:40 on 14 April 1912, she struck an iceberg and sank at 2:20 the following morning. Maritime historians have recently discovered the Twitter feed from that fateful weekend.

This is the sixth of this series I have done so far (Coronation of Elizabeth I, Napoleon entering Paris, the Crimean War, the Suffragette movement, the Titanic before sinking and now this). Its a fun series, although I was disappointed that the author had not included 'The Unsinkable' Molly Brown in the Twitter feed - it seemed to be mostly concerned with the characters from James Cameron's film (including Celine Dion's grandmother!) than with actual real-life victims and survivors of the disaster.

I have shown Lord Twitt, wondering if his tuxedo will work as a life-jacket, and on the other side of the locked gate in Third Class stands a furious Irish peasant (as seen in the James Cameron film), bottle and glass of porter at his feet on the sloping deck.

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