Monday, September 12, 2011

The No-Body Was Keen To Get A-Head (Print for Sale)

The No-Body Was Keen To Get A-Head (Print for Sale).

My latest screen print design, executed for me with deftness and aplomb by M. Yann Brien.

The No-Body (literally, the figure of a man with arms and legs but no torso) was a popular folk character during the Elizabethan, Stuart and Georgian periods and featured in a play ("No-Body and Some-Body"), street pamphlets, ceramic statuettes (the V&A Museum have a fine pair!) and shop-signs. He represents the very (dis-)embodiment of the hapless and insignificant English Everyman.

Here our No-Body, tired of his lot, is keen to get a-Head and climb the elusive and slippery social ladder. A poster-boy for the Modern Age if ever there was one! I see him week-in, week-out talking nonsense too loudly in Soho cafés and outside Shore-ditch House. Good luck to you No-Body!

The print is the first of my new Small Standard (A3) screen-prints, and measures 297 mm across by 420 mm down (approx.). Printed in 2 colours on high-quality 300 gsm paper. It is a Limited Edition of 45 and is available to buy for £45 + P&P - a most reasonable and affordable price-tag!