Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter Ye Not - The Wall Street Crash

Twitter Ye Not - The Wall Street Crash

A regular piece for the Daily Mail Weekend magazine about how figures in history might have twittered or tweeted or whatever, had they the chance, inclination and technology.

On 24th October 1929, the value of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange went into freefall. The volume traded on what was dubbed 'Black Tuesday' was a record that would not be broken for another 40 years - and made this the single most catastrophic day of the Wall Street Crash. Here, we imagine the twitter feed for that day.

I have shown on the one side uber-rich moneybags John D. Rockefeller, for whom the day was a bad one. On the opposite side of the street, Wall Street, stands gangster Al Capone, who did rather well out of it. Both pretty odious, Rockefeller thin and lizard-like, Capone fat and smug like a toad. Al holds a violin case - those mafiosi sure loved to fiddle!

Another case of history repeating itself and none of us learning our lesson me thinks...

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