Friday, June 22, 2012

Delft tiles - transfers pre-firing

Delft tiles - transfers pre-firing

Having set out some 6 months ago creating faux delft tiles - actually ink paintings on mdf panel - I now find myself here, with real ceramic tiles and transfers of my designs soon to be fired.

I'm using a selection of delft tiles - two types from your actual Delft in Holland (a flat standard tile with slight crackle-glaze, and a selection of more authentic older-style tiles with a more-pronounced crackled surface and slight variations in tone) and a few 'English delft' tiles from Fired Earth. It will be interesting to see how they fire in the kiln and how that will affect the cracks in the tiles. I shall keep you posted.

The transfers arrived in the post this morning (from the same place as Grayson Perry gets his, 'parently!). Fluffed a few getting to grips with the 'floating' process but now have it I think.

Next step: Get them fired and see how they look. Very exciting!


ElizT said...

Beautiful designs, just gorgeous; and very interesting. No wonder you are excited.

Scott Garrett said...

Great Stuff Paul, these look great! excited too... next stop cobalt!!

Margaret Brampton said...

Fascinating. I will be taking lessons from you soon. I would like to know how to do the transferes to multi layer my images. I hope they turn out really well they look gorgeous.