Friday, June 1, 2012

Delftware tile - The Carpenters' Arms

Delftware tile - The Carpenters' Arms

One of the many new 'Delft' tiles (actually paintings on panel and not ceramic!) I have created for my Umbra Sumus (We Are But Shadows) solo show at the end of April, in Spitalfields.

This tile shows the coat-of-arms of the Carpenters' Company, one of the ancient Guilds of London.

The Company received its coat of arms in 1466. It is described as "A felde silver a Cheveron sable grayled iii Compas of the same" meaning "a field silver, a chevron sable (black) grailed and three compasses of the same”. The compasses represent the carpenter’s tools, and the chevron may represent a roof support, 'chevron' being 'rafter' in French.

It is also the name of one of my very favourite London pubs, the Carpenters' Arms on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane. Formerly owned by Violet, the Kray twins' mother, the pub is to-day ran by brum Nigel and his partner, frenchman Eric. It does great food.

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ElizT said...

Do you ink the crackle first, Paul? It is so delicate and convincing!