Monday, July 30, 2012

Tile Trials: Ceramic Digital

Tile Trials: Ceramic Digital

Having been disappointed by my firing of a batch of transfer decals from Stoke manufacturer Digital Ceramic I thought I'd try an alternative decal producer, Ceramic Digital (confusingly also of Stoke) to see how they fared.

I sent them the same artwork and asked them to fire the decals onto some handmade tiles of their own. This is the result.

The tiles themselves are a bit nasty but again a good blue colour. Perhaps not the true Delft cobalt blue but pretty damn close.

So the question is: Why did the decals I fired turn out so grey and crappy? Two possible options as I see it: A kiln malfunction at my end, or an issue of 'bad chemistry' between the decal transfer and the crackle glaze tile surface. Need to get DC and CD to fire decals onto the dutch tiles I've ordered next to see which it is.

Have also bought some Cobalt Oxide on glaze to try painting directly onto the tiles.

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SHYAM said...

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