Monday, July 23, 2012

Tile Trials: Trial by Fire

Tile Trials: Trial by Fire

These four tiles are four of the first (dark) batch of transferred Delft tiles that I subjected to extreme heat and pressure to test their durability.

I lined the bottom of a brazier in the back garden with these four, filled it with wood, corks and papers and lit it. We kept it going for several hours until a sudden deluge of heavy rain put a stop to our fun. Red hot, white hot embers for the duration and bubbling, molten plastic (some of the 'corks' I'd put in turned out to not be cork at all!) in intimate proximity.

These were the results when I came to extricate them from the damp ashes a day later. Three of the four tiles has cracked in half (not surprising as each was standing unsupported with a weight of burning wood against it!), but all in all the transfer designs seemed remarkably unaffected. Especially in light of the fact that in a domestic setting (kitchen, bathroom or hearth) the conditions would not be anything like as extreme. A great result!

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