Friday, March 27, 2015

Wildman of the Woods

Got another of the new prints for 'O England My Lion-Heart' this morning, ready for numbering, signing and framing.
Here, a teasing glimpse of a detail, a wily wodewose watching wildly in the woods…


Celia Hart said...

I wonderful Wodewose!
There's one on Haverhill church tower - surveying all he can see.

Rubén Alcalde Crespo said...

Wow! Wonderful. : )

Paul Bommer said...

Thank you both! Very much appreciated. I think the wodewose is long overdue a come-back!

Anonymous said...

What a tease! :-)

This and the print 'glimpse' in your last post look great Paul!

Will we get to see the full size versions here at some point?

and will they be available to buy after the show, for those who can't make it?

Paul Bommer said...

Hello Pete!

Yes, I'm a terrible tease, I do apologise!

And Yes, I shall reveal the entire prints nearer/ during/ immediately after the Show. And Yes, they will be available to purchase via my Big Cartel online shop and through other reputable outlets!

many thanks for your very kind remarks!

Paul B