Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cafe Sketches, 16 Oct 07

Here's a couple of pages from my sketchbook
of people I drew on Tuesday
in Costa Coffee & Caffe Nero
on Old Compton St, London

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PRETZ said...

I love the short Irish man sporting the turtle neck.

PRETZ said...

I say Irish because he reminds me of Conan Obrien.

Craig Lamberton said...

what you've done here with the economy of lines is amazing.. great work.. didn't anyone try and beat you up whilst you were people watching :) ?

® said...

I'm not in london, i was crying, but i look like the crying dude.

great work, as usual. and that's why i check ur blog often.

PRETZ said...

Paul, you haven't posted in a few days and the anticipation is killin' me.

Paul Bommer said...

ok guys
thanks for the kind words
the guy crying can't be you mister - it's me!

oh, and yes
I think the sozzled chap in the high neck jumper was Irish

picapoll said...

Congratulations!!! what a nice work! Do you have more pages like these? Wonderful blog