Monday, October 8, 2007

Recycled Image - "Whitehall"

Here's an image I created some time ago for the Guardian
about Immigration and the need for integration.
There's something about the character and setting that I love
but away from the copy
the reference points in the image
seemed confusing and unclear.

So this morning I have revamped the original illo
replacing the symbolic map
with a real map of Europe and chess pieces being moved across it.
The ultimate game of strategy
it seemed an appropriate ( and more general) metaphor
for the machinations of politics

(Kings and Queens could represent Heads of States/ Monarchies, Bishops religion, Knights the military, Rooks housing or
defense perhaps, and Pawns, the migratory workforce)

Here's the original , as it appeared in the Guardian:-

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Mark said...

I really like this one; I agree the top one works better as a standalone.

pascal said...

I like your style..and you have clever ideas!

Cathy said...

Very clever ideas as usual Paul - do you mind if I add your link to my blog - just make it easier to keep up to speed with what you're doing?

Weef said...

As always excellent work.