Thursday, October 11, 2007

Illustration Friday Night - "Inspired By..."

My first entry for IFN

This week the theme is "Inspired by"
where you create a piece based on,
or inspired by,
another piece recently posted on the site.

My piece is entitled
'The sad and predictable and, until now unknown, death of Patufet'
inspired by a piece of the same name by JVS

It concerns the Catalan folk story of the miniature boy Patufet.
( ). I love all things Catalan and would love to learn some more. So far I just work it out from my knowledge of French and Spanish.

In the story Patufet is accidentally eaten by an Ox and his mother has to feed it herbs in order to induce the Ox to fart out her son. Anyone who's experienced Catalan Christmas will know of their irreverent and earthy scatology - nothing perverse, just a levelling and hilarious 'we all shit, or we die'. The red shape next to the blood splatter is Patufet's traditional cap.

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Anonymous said...

I made you a short and lovely PDF on how to hyper link....but you have no email...

email me..if you want it....

oh oh oh my job is so boring...

but your blog looks is great

® said...

great work, and amazing match:

i've a small collection, and i scanned all the covers. i'll upload again soon to my site.

"patim, patam, patum,
homes i dones del cap dret,
patim, patam, patum,
no trepitgeu en Patufet