Thursday, February 7, 2008

Greek Urn #1

What's a Greek Urn?
About 40 drachma a week!
(sorry, old Music Hall joke)

This is a little experiment I just cooked up this morning
to see if I could re=create the look of a fragment of ancient Greek pottery.
What do you think?

Can anyone tell me who the fruity chap portrayed is? Answers on a postcard...

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Kathleen said...

Well, I can't read Greek anymore, but he looks wonderful. You've caught the look of a shard of pottery without losing humour or warmth.

Elise N Black said...

You definitely captured the look! With a style all your own! Wonderful as always!

Paul Bommer said...

someone must know who it is!
very famous (in his day)

thanks for the positive feedback guys

DGV said...

I think that you've recreated very well the style of this type of pottery, and the color is very good, too!!

(Sorry for the mistakes, I'm spanish jeje).


studio lolo said...

Could that handsome man be Bacchus, god of wine??

Paul Bommer said...

a good guess lolo
but not the right answer I'm afraid

here's a clue
the first 3 letters are;
S igma
O mega
K appa....

Kimberly said...

Hmmmm.... Socrates?
But that is S.O.C. ???

shaky mouse said...

i'll lay my cards of ignorance on the table and say I haven't a clue.. :) texture looks fantastic, and adds to the work..

Paul Bommer said...

it is Socrates

No C in the original Greek form tho