Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guardian Education 26 February 08

Another piece to accompany Teacher of the Year, Phil Beadle's column.

This one is about the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, in Education.
Mister Beadle is not a fan, and neither am I. Horse-shit and Mind-Games basically.

In the article our Phil suggests slapping dog poo on the lapel of any colleague
daring to use this technique on you - with the bold retort "Mirror that!"

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Rui Sousa said...

really nice work, great!

lil kim said...

that's cool!

Vhrsti said...

Great again. The background is perfect!

(You take your time, Paul... ;-) )

shaky mouse said...

great expressions on the characters.. nlp and other such things are definitely "marmite" therapies.. people either swear wholeheartedly by them, or view them as jedi mind tricks.. :)

btw on the subject of the "duran" comment. i've been getting quite a lot of these type recently, with a link embedded which look decidedly dodgy..