Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A Typographical experiment

I'm not a religious person, not at all,
but I was raised a very devout Roman Catholic
and still have an affection for the litany of feast days and observances that mark the turning of the seasons.

Today is Ash Wednesday
and the start of Lent.
I'm giving up sugar, cakes and sweets
in a bid to lose my winter blubber.
I need to after the glut of pancakes I wolfed down last night!

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Anonymous said...

wow! I love your work. Such great cartoon style mixed with wonderful natural look. You have inspired me.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Well done! Hope you're able to follow through with your lenten sacrifice!

ElizT said...

But will God notice?

Yann Ubbelohde said...

Yes, really inspiring. Great drawing style and I really like your way of playing with Typografy!

François Boussuge said...

Looks like a chubby lent... Tasty!