Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Artful Todger

This is my response to the following open submission;


The Artful Todger:
The Penis in Popular Culture

Why is the depiction of the male member still
considered such a taboo in today’s society?
And how is it truly represented by creatives
and influential figures in today’s culture?

The Artful Todger proposes to be a light-hearted book, examining the artistic representation of the penis in today’s culture, and invites you to contribute. Be it a line drawing, a detailed sketch, a collage, a hand crafted piece or pop up, we want your representation in our book. There will be a whole chapter dedicated to current interpretations and selected entries will be published with the most successful entry used for the front cover. All copyright will remain that of the artist and all artists will be credited unless otherwise requested. Donations from the published work will be made towards testicular cancer charities. Successful entries may also be selected for use in the forthcoming exhibition of the same name. Please send all entries to by the 30th June 2008 for selection in jpeg format, 72dpi, no larger than A4, with your contact details. By submitting your entry you are confirming that you are over 18 and that you own the copyright to your image.
No photographs please.

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Patrick said...

Oh man, everytime I try to think of something to type, I just start laughing again. Amazingly great image. Reminds me of art school. We were drawing nudes when my prof sidled up silently behind me, then asked why none of her male students ever drew the penis with any detail. I assumed it was just genital courtesy.

Still laughing.

Prozacville said...


andi butler said...

is that a little bell? is it a warning? hee

a : )