Wednesday, May 7, 2008

St George's Mushroom

During a fantastic ( and summery) weekend down in Faversham with our great pal Posy, N and I (and Posy) chanced about a swathe of these beauties, the St George's Mushroom or le Mousseron de la St Georges as its known in France (Mousseron is, in fact, the origin of our word mushroom). So named 'cos it appears around St George's Day (23 rd April) and for the month after.

After some careful checks to see they were indeed what we thought they were, we fried them with garlic in butter and truffle oil and served hot with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt. Absolutely sublime! Delicieux!

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Created with drawing pen and PS. The texture on the grass is a scanned-in rabbit pelt!


ElizT said...

Nice story, nice picture. You just happened to have a rabbit pelt to hand!

pascal said...

I like this picture, nice!

Curious Art said...

Yummy illo, makes me hungry. But only very special mushrooms allow you to capture the green rabbit.