Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Wide" No.2

Half a minute! What's this?

A Spiv or WIDE Boy (Latin: Puer Pansus) on the Streets of London, confident and shifty all at once. This Flash 'Arry thinks he's Errol Flynn or maybe Chet Baker even, though in truth he's just a petty crim from Whitechapel out to make a bob or two. It's Post-WWII for sure (the light's are on!) but pre-51 'cos there's rationing still on. "What you after Missis? Nylons? Valium? French Letters? Chops? A bit o' How's-yer-father?!"

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Ps. The rock under his foot is a bit of masonry from a nearby bombsite

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Laura Vivan said...

Hello,thank you for your commentary.
I like much the globes in your work!