Saturday, March 19, 2011

Notebook Sketches - Pagan London & Rain

Another page of sketches from my notebook - this one in done yester-day as I sheltered in Shore-ditch cafés from the icy and persistant downpour.

Themes here touched upon include said Precipitation, a Numberella curved elegently like a fancy bracket bought as Protection, the Calendar points of the Ancient Year, Noses, Fishing and the Pagan Landscape of London, including the Discovery of a Tooth of the Giant Bran the Blessed found by the Sacred Landscape Society beneath the easternmost Turret of the White Tower at Tower Hill, left behind accidentally by Kind Arthur!

Also, that Vincent is the perfect name for a Vigneron!

Comments welcome!


clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Hi Paul!

Peter and I want to invite you and Nick to the opening of my 60th Birthday Retrospective at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, on Saturday May 7th, and thereafter to the garden party here at Ty Isaf on Sunday the 8th.

Would you like to come? If so then please send your address to the e-mail below. Regarding staying, a friend has offered accommodation in her guest cottage at a very pretty rural location. Although it requires a car to get there, other friends with a vehicle are staying at the same place, and would take you both under their wing for getting you about!

Best, Clive

RicardoCavolo said...

I rrrreally love this works :)