Friday, March 11, 2011

Yesterday's Notebook Sketches

This is one of yesterday's notebook sketch pages.
Mostly done in Leila's Café on Arnold Circus.

Shewing divers dark workings of the mind and the acting-out of numerous idées fixes.

There is a certain paschal theme running through some of the imagery the observant will note.

Comments welcome!


Duncan said...

Free-Lance - very funny. Also like the stocking clad woman - saucy!

Paul Bommer said...

Cheers Duncan

Apparently that really is the origin of the expression. An unaffiliated lance. A gun for hire if you will.
You can tell I don't get to see a lot of scantily clad ladies, can't you!

ElizT said...

Letting yourself go, right.
Wot's the origin of that?

Panagis said...

never though about the origin of the term before, you learn something every day!
great stuff, I like your skulls and bones

Paul Bommer said...

Thanks guys. ElizT, I have no idea! :-)

clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

The pencil-lance made me giggle. A few years ago, while painting an image of Saint George, I made paper maquettes of George of the dragon as studio aids. Casting around for a stand-in lance, for months my George speared his dragon with a long-handled defunct paintbrush.

I love your stream-of-consciousness sketch book doodles, always so beautifully organised on the page, no space going wasted. I'm reminded of letters by the Bronte sister kept at Haworth Parsonage, where they write horizontally and then vertically on the same page, tiny, neat handwriting on small, precious, sheets of paper. No space wasted in those either.

Kiwi Don said...

Love the continuity of style with your rough sketches through to your final work. Are you a dip pen man or is that a fountain pen with a super flexible nib?

Always a fascinating site to peruse...thank you.

Paul Bommer said...

I do occasionally use dip pens Kiwi Don (thanks too for the kind remarks!) but mostly I work with drawing pens - like the edding 1800 profipen or Staedtler pigment liners. That's what's used here.