Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Arms! for Old Town's Evening Star

Arms! for Old Town's Evening Star

This is a piece I did to illustrate a very amusing tale by Old Town clothing's Marie Willey for their occassional newspaper the Evening Star (tagline 'Small Life Is Here').

The article is the true story of an obstreperous Old Town customer who, when trying on one of their 'grandaddy' shirts, was amazed to find it fitted so well as he was insistant that his arms were of significantly different lengths...

I have shown Ms Willey just on the cusp of losing it (I had considered putting a pair of tailor's scissors behind her back). Visitors to their beautiful shop in Holt, Norfolk, will recognise the setting as the changing room at the back).

Its always hard to draw friends' likenesses and I was worried how my rendering might be received. But Marie and Will both said they were delighted and Marie especially was glad that I had given her 'thin ankles' (which, I hasten to add, she has!)...

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