Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nailed it (well almost)!

Nailed it (well almost)!

Dog & Bone (Spider's head corners)

 Here's the results of my most recent tile trials. And I think I've pretty much nailed it!

Drawn with blue cobalt oxide on-glaze paste, mixed with a gum arabic/ water solution, using a dip pen (after I'd abandoned using a fine brush - too unwieldy). The thinking behind this was to create a better flow and also a little adhesion to the glazed tile surface.

Fired for me, very generously, by the wonderful Rob Ryan and his team.

There has been a little bubbling of the marks in places, seemingly where I'd over-worked the washes that I applied (a day) after the outlines. But I don't think it detracts from the overall look at all (if anything it has a certain charm). Lighter, more deftly applied washes should avoid that occurring so much in future...

All said, I'm pretty chuffed. Feel that I'm now in a position to proceed with securing a few hearth-back commissions. The Bommer Delft tile workshop is now (nearly) open for business!

Here they are before firing...

 and after a night in the kiln at around 800º C...

I've nibbed the edges a little in places and rubbed ashes into the surface crackled to further antique them.

Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All) with fleur-de-lys corners

Sanglier, with stylised fleur-de-lys corners

Elephant (Martin Lane), stylised fleur-de-lys corners

Fruit Bowl, with fleur-de-lys corners

Magpie (One for Sorrow), spider's head corners

Fluvius Tamesis, ox-head corners

Triton or merman, ox-head corners

Vase of Flowers, spider's head corners


Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Yup, you've cracked it. It's been interesting to watch you work through the processes here, Paul. You've been incredibly thorough and it's paid off. Go get those commissions now!

Paul Bommer said...

Thank you so much dear Clive!

Patricia G said...

I just found your work today Paul, whilst googling delft tiles. I've some stains I wanted to try painting with. I love your drawing style and also the authentic feel you've achieved.